Election Integrity

Lorain County, Ohio – Citizens in Lorain County are coming together to address the many concerns which they have about elections. Pat Borke and Mike Witte, both long-time active members of TEA, stepped up in April, 2024, to be Lorain County Task Force Co-Leaders. They will coordinate getting individuals plugged into their particular areas of interest and aptitude.

Text Pat today at 216-296-7515 to let her know you are interested in getting involved. She’ll get you connected to the right place where you can dig in and help improve elections right here in Lorain County. THANK YOU for your interest!!!

This webpage will be the online home base for the Lorain County Election Integrity Network (EIN).

The Lorain County EIN will be working closely with the Ohio Election Integrity Network (OEIN). The mission of OEIN is to achieve Fair, Honest, Accurate and Transparent elections in Ohio.

OEIN is a team of grassroot volunteers building County Task Forces to improve Election Integrity in these Key Election areas:

Sign up at www.ohioein.org. Twitter: @OhioEIN

Weekly OEIN Zoom Meeting: Mondays at 7:00 p.m.

Citizens Guide to Building an Election Integrity Infrastructure: https://whoscounting.us/citizensguide/

To be a Poll Worker or Poll Observer contact Logan Peterson at LPeterson@gop.com.

Text Pat today at 216-296-7515.

(updated: April 30, 2024)