About Us

Totally Engaged Americans is a group of folks in Lorain County (Ohio) who are dedicated to the pursuit of liberty.  We formed in 2009 during the rise of the tea party movement and have been meeting ever since.

Our core values are Constitutionally Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility and Free Markets.

We welcome citizens to join us regardless of political party affiliation.

Tea Party Values enumerated:

1- Constitutionally Limited Government.  Use the Constitution as a Guide to Limit the size and scope and burden of Government. Use Government to “secure the blessings of Liberty” for individual citizens. Govern only with the consent of the citizens from which all government power and authority originates.

2- Fiscal Responsibility.  Government officials must act as caretakers and fiduciaries for the taxpayer’s money and always spend it carefully. Elected officials must make the same tough decisions that citizens make every day with their family budgets and government budgets should always be balanced except in very extreme cases such as a declared war.

3- Free Markets.  Private property ownership must be protected inviolate. Individual citizens should be able to buy, sell and exchange their private property with minimum government involvement. Business and Corporate welfare favoritism and subsidies should be eliminated.