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Daily Living under Tyranny – Fight Back

  1. 5 Ways to Shop Mask Free, What to do when you’ve been discriminated against, Many more useful documents –
  2. Help for Citizens in Ohio –
  3. Help for Businesses in Ohio –
  4. Treatments for virus; Fight Medical discrimination, vaccines, masks, lockdowns –

Useful Election Information

  1. Current Elected Officials list –
  2. 2021 Primary Ballot Candidate and Issues List –
  3. Voter Registration, polling location and ballot information –

News Sources

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  1. We The People Convention (News & Opinion Weekly podcast on Saturdays)
  2. The Ohio Star (Conservative Online News – daily)
  3. Samuel Adams Returns (Founding Principles of Constitutional Reality for Today – weekly radio/podcast on Saturdays)
  4. Lobbyists for Citizens (A Conservative Online Newspaper Upholding Honesty, Transparency, and Integrity in Government – daily)
  5. Bob Frantz Authority Podcast of daily radio show – Scroll through to pick out your favorite show guests.