Act, Vote, Read

TAKE Action

TEA is affiliated with the Ohio Freedom Action Network (OhioFAN). There are many opportunities to get involved through the activities of OhioFAN (website:

Attend events. Come to one of our 2nd-Saturday-monthly TEA meetings in Lorain where you can meet other liberty-loving folks locally and get plugged into activities that suit your interest and calendar. Also, there are events happening all around Ohio which are listed on OhioFAN’s event calendar. See it here: Pick one, mark YOUR calendar then go!

Work on election issues. Ohio Election Integrity Network (OEIN) – There are a variety of opportunities to help get elections in Ohio to be more trustworthy. See the OEIN website for more details.

Become a precinct committeeman. Ohio Precinct Strategy (OPS) is a networked group of Ohio Citizens that seeks to engage citizens in our elections process so that our voices are accurately represented in our elections. See OPS website for videos, documents and civics learning. Precincts are the basic structure of our political structure in every county in Ohio and the country. Does your precinct have representation? Find out.

Become a citizen journalist. The Ohio Roundtable (TOR) is looking for citizens to write reports about local Ohio news. See the TOR website and become a citizen journalist.

Become a local school board member or campaign for others who run. Ohio School Board Constitutional Coalition imagines a framework for like-minded school board members, educational professionals and parent groups to pursue a ‘Back to the Basics’ educational agenda. See the OSBCC website to learn more.

Find out more places you can get involved. The South of 60/North of 30 (S60N30) Working Group of OhioFAN is helping people like you get plugged in. They will ask you what your concerns are at their simple one-page website and then get back to you about how you can really get involved where YOU are interested to take action.

FIND Election Information

Menu of Lorain County Board of Elections website
  1. Current Elected Officials list –
  2. 2023 General Election Results –
  3. 2024 Primary Election Candidate and Issues Lists –
  4. Voter Registration, polling location and ballot information –

READ, LISTEN to truthful news sources for free

You can subscribe to email notifications at each of the websites. Try them out. They are free.

  1. The Ohio Roundtable, Committed to Providing the Truth (Online local Ohio news)
  2. The Ohio Press Network (Online News – daily)
  3. We The People Convention (News & Opinion Weekly podcast on Saturdays)
  4. Lobbyists for Citizens (A Conservative Online Newspaper Upholding Honesty, Transparency, and Integrity in Government – daily)
  5. Bob Frantz ‘Always Right’ Podcast of daily radio show – Scroll through to pick out your favorite show guests.