We DO this

Here is a list of some of the things that we do.  Please join us.

  1. Host knowledgeable guest speakers at our monthly meetings.  These meetings are open to the public.  Topics vary.
  2. Host candidate and issue forums before each public election, Primary and General.  You get to shake their hands and ask them hard questions.
  3. Conduct Straw Polls of our members on candidates and issues that appear on the Primary and General Election ballots.  They are focused on county, state house, state senate, statewide level candidates and issues.
  4. Circulate petitions for candidates and important issues.  For example, in 2017, we attempted twice to put the “Repeal Sales Tax Increase” on the county ballot via citizens’ petition drive.
  5. Hold public rallies.
  6. Host and attend townhall meetings with Congressmen.
  7. Plan and conduct training for grassroot activists.
  8. Support and participate in community events.
  9. Contact our elected officials (local, county, state and national) on issues we are concerned about.
  10. Write letters to the editor of local newspapers.
  11. Attend city council, township trustee, county commissioner and school board meetings in Lorain County.

Please join us in the pursuit of liberty.  It takes constant vigilance by engaged citizens to properly maintain a representative republic.  See the CALENDAR and the MEETINGS tab on this website for the dates, times and places of our meetings and public meetings.