TEA Top Issues

Issues of concern to our group members and friends vary but this list captures our ongoing concerns. Email us to share your concerns.

  • J6 Political Prisoners continued persecution by the federal Department of Injustice
  • Election Integrity
  • Leftist indoctrination of children in k-12 public, private schools
  • Taxes / Spending by Government
  • Government / Special Interests Overreach (personal health, business, education, religion, media)
  • Underrepresentation in the county central committees in Lorain County
  • Censorship on social media
  • Censorship of mainstream media and bias of county newspapers
  • Illegal immigration
  • Chinese corruption of U.S. officials, news media, university campuses
  • Big Pharma influence on healthcare, media
  • Leftist indoctrination of college students