TEA Booth at Lorain County Fair

Wellington, Ohio – The TEA Booth at the Lorain County Fair will be a hub of activity this week. Visitors to the booth will have the opportunity to sign the “Medical Right to Refuse” Petition, find their home precinct on the county map, volunteer for the laying of wreaths on graves of U.S. military veterans and register to vote in Ohio.

Hotlinks in above image:
SIGN “Medical Right to Refuse” Petition
FIND your precinct on county map
VOLUNTEER for Wreaths Across America
REGISTER to vote
SIGN UP on TEA email list

We look forward to seeing you and talking to you at the TEA Fair booth.

Great American Family Picnic

Purchase tickets online: Text your name, email address and quantity of tickets to 440-201-2306.

Date: Sunday, July 17, 2022

Time: 2 to 6 pm

Place: VFW, 500 S. Abbe Rd., Elyria


  • Full Picnic Menu
  • Games for Kids (small and big)
  • Antique Fire Truck
  • Cash Bar

Special Guest Speaker: Bob Frantz, Local Candidates

Tickets NOW on sale.

  • Adult – $20
  • Child, Under 10 – $10

Purchase tickets online: Text 440-201-2306 with your name, email address and quantity of tickets.

Sponsored by Lorain City and Elyria City Republican Clubs and Totally Engaged Americans

(Last updated: Thursday, June 28, 2022)

TEA Voter Guide for 2022 Primary Election

Ask for Republican Ballot and use this guide when you vote.

Lorain County, Ohio – Totally Engaged Americans (TEA) is proud to announce their voter guide for the 2022 Primary Elections which will now happen in two separate voting periods. The first voting period started with early voting on Tuesday, April 5th, and will end May 3rd. TEA recommendations for the offices of U.S. Senate, Governor and Secretary of State can be seen on the voter guide.

The secretary of state has said the second voting period is likely on August 2, 2022. Ohio General Assembly and State Central Committee races will be voted in the second voting period. See TEA recommendations on the voter guide.

TEA recommends a NO vote on Issue 7, a proposed ‘Bed Tax’ [Lodging and Hotel Tax]. It was placed on the ballot by the Lorain County Commissioners.

The last day of the first period of voting is May 3, 2022.

The last day of the second period of voting is August 2, 2022.

Go here to find your polling location for May 3rd.

Go here to find the Early Voting dates, times and location.

Go here to find your complete personal Sample Ballot.

Go here to register to vote or to update your current registration. The deadline to vote in the current election was Monday, April 4, 2022.

These recommendations were determined by a straw poll of TEA members conducted on March 12, 2022.

Why are there two separate primary voting periods in Ohio? Because of the ongoing debate revolving around the drawing of the Ohio Senate and Ohio House district maps.

Joe Blystone
Mike DeWine
Ron Hood
Jim Renacci

Secretary of State
John Adams
Frank LaRose

U.S. Senate
Matt Dolan
Mike Gibbons
Josh Mandel
Neil Patel
Mark Pukita
Jane Timken
JD Vance

For list of all candidates click here.
State Central Committeeman 13
Peter Aldrich
David Arredondo
Mike Witte

State Central Committeewoman 13
Jean Anderson
Patty Stein

Ohio Senate District 13
Kirsten Hill
Nathan Manning

Ohio House 53
Marty Gallagher
Sarah McGervey

Ohio House District 54
Kathleen Beyer
Dick Stein
STRAW POLL – This is the complete list of races and candidates which were included in the TEA member straw poll on March 12, 2022 in Lorain County.

(Post updated April 6, 2022.)

More J6 Prisoners Respond

We have received more letters from the January 6 prisoners through the Patriot Mail Project. We sent them in early September, however it seems to be taking a while for their replies to get back to us. Nevertheless, we are happy to receive them and share them with you.

Some have fundraising accounts which you can find through their letters. Here are some excerpts:

Thank you so much for writing to me and for your continued support, it means a lot to me. This country needs more people like you.

J Khater

I have been languishing in solitary confinement since Jan 28th. To describe solitary confinement it’s like being trapped in a room not much bigger than an elevator for days, weeks and months at a time. The emotional, mental and physical distress is intense. God has helped me to overcome this trial.

As if that isn’t ghastly enough we fear for our safety from the correction officers. Earlier this year Ryan Samsul a Jan 6th patriot and veteran was ziptied and then beaten unconscious by correction officers. He woke up in a pool of his own blood suffering from a detached retina, broken jaw, fractured orbital, skull fractures, brain swelling and blood clots. The DCDOC has denied this attack ever happened and claim he ziptied his own hands and detached his own retina which is obviously absurd.

R Sandler

The FBI has used the “Patriot Act” against us to “cancel” our bank accounts, credit cards, insurance policies, investment accounts, and passports. We all have been placed on the terrorism watch list, as well as the no fly list. The only punishment that has yet to occur is physical exile! This is the evil which has resulted from American complacency. But in my heart, I know that in the end, We The People shall triumph.

T Smacks

Julian Khater letter

Ronnie Sandler letter

Troy Smacks letter

Distrust of our government and of our media has clouded the story of January 6. In fact, in may take generations to get a fair account of the entire Trump presidency. The crowd on January 6 were protesting an election that was being fixed well before election day as described in a “confessional” by Time Magazine, “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.”

When it comes to justice, this country was founded as a nation of laws – laws that apply to everybody equally. When we had Al Queda prisoners in Guantamano Bay, the Left cried hysterically for appropriate treatment while in prison. The Left are silent today. They have political enemies in these January 6 prisoners, and they couldn’t care less about their treatment.

Nobody is asking for a “pass” on justice – the only request is for fair justice. None of these prisoners are being charged with insurrection or treason or some capital crime that may warrant such confinement. Instead, the charges end up being misdemeanors.

Please keep these people and their families in your hearts and in your prayers.

Lorain County Health Board Meeting

From the September 22 meeting of the Lorain County Health Board. There were many chairs setup for guests as they seem to welcome the participation.

Elaine made the following statements, asked to be corrected if it was off track, and none of the board made any correction.

1 Covid continues to spread throughout the population regardless of vaccination status
2 It continues to evolve into more infectious but less deadly strains
3 There is no way to vaccinate to top the viral spread although the vaccination lessens the severity of the effects
4 Vaccine approach should be targeted to elderly and people with low immune response
5 Others benefit from therapeutics after exposure if they experience any symptoms at all

It was asked how the Lorain County Health (LCH) and Ohio Department of Health (ODH) view therapeutics, or monoclonal anti bodies. An emergency room doctor who was on the Board responded that therapeutics are available, and that you must qualify by being within 10 days from onset and being high risk. This is an outpatient treatment which can be done through the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, and Mercy Hospitals.

The LCH agrees we are in the endemic stage (as opposed to the pandemic stage) and therefore monitors hospitalizations as a more significant statistic than cases. Because we are in the endemic stage of this virus, the goal of zero cases is unrealistic and unattainable.

The hospitalization numbers generally lag two weeks behind case numbers, therefore the decrease in cases should accompany a decrease in hospitalizations in about two weeks. Numbers that were extracted from the ODH website appeared to be way overstated and we will look for clarity as to how the County could have different numbers than what seems to be reported by the state.

Dave Covell made a video with Amherst school superintendent Steve Sayers to dispel the rumors that Covell ordered Sayers to mask students and that Sayers refused. The LCH does not “order” schools; their wording is that they make “recommendations” regarding school guidelines. As of this time, the recommendation for schools is that people get the vaccination and that people wear a mask.

There was a discussion as to how to manage students who are identified as a “close contact” with somebody who has tested positive. If the student has no symptoms, the student could just wear a mask in lieu of staying home to quarantine. This would allow the student to be able to more completely participate in the school environment.

Finally, a question was brought up about the end-game. What is the exit strategy? We will never get to a sustained zero cases. So does the mask policy end when only 2% of our students have cases? 1%? That number is not yet identified, so we are left with the need to give a reality-check to and educate families, educators, and anybody who believes Covid can be eradicated.

Thanks to Elaine and Laura for providing notes and to Jean, Ethlyn, and Kirsten for attending.

9880 South Murray Ridge Road
Elyria, OH 44035
440 322 6367
Phone: 440-322-6367

January 6 Prisoners RESPOND!

We’ve asked our members to get involved in the Patriot Mail Project and send letters of encouragement to the political prisoners from the January 6 rally. Many of you have sent your own letters, and we as an organization sent a few letters which many of you signed. We wanted you to know that some of these prisoners have responded! We got four letters from three people which we’ve attached at the bottom.

Many Patriots went to the January 6 Rally to peacefully protest an election which was loaded with problems. Even before the counting was stopped on Election Night, we saw unsecured dropboxes left all over many counties, we had signature verification quality intentionally weakened, and we saw last-minute changes to voting and counting procedures. Then after Election Night, the judiciary and state legislatures universally stood down.

We’ve learned since January 6 that the FBI had active sources within the crowd that went into the Capitol that day. We’ve seen people in uniform (Capitol police, DC police, or others) help the crowd to enter the building. And finally we’ve seen the DOJ and entire media culture conflate conservatives with violent offenders with white supremacists and declare all of them the most dangerous threat to America. Hence, the treatment of these January 6 prisoners.

Here are some excerpts:

I want to dispel the myth that we deserve equal breaks as Antifa & BLM were given. Predatory behavior and defending the Constitution are NOT THE SAME!!!

A Patriot is called by duty to protect his country when necessary… so WHEN does that Patriot’s duty begin?

P Schwartz

The biggest problem that America faces today is that we as a nation have forgotten about God. Reverence is in short supply. People are saying this or that life matters when they should be saying that SOULS matter.

I hope to be free soon. I have been imprisoned since January 20th. It’s all been a very disgusting experience of excessive injustice. I am trying very hard to not let it corrupt my heart. I want to help and do the right thing, I just wish I knew what that is all the time.

G Miller

You opened your missive urging me to “Stay Strong” and today is one I needed to retreat to correspondence over, it is my daughter’s second birthday and it is sad to be away.

I too pray for speedy relief! But I feel resigned to seeing this through, this all must have a purpose… Can we expect fair trials? We have been made monsters. Karl Dresch of MI finished his case but was told by his judge that he was not a patriot, not a political prisoner and that 1776 was fought against men like us.

My eyes have fallen over the books of Peter and Paul the prisoners and came away with a good verse, 2 Corinthians 4:8 — “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed, we are perplexed, but not in despair, persecuted, but not forgotten, struck down, but not destroyed.” Although this is a dark spot and that it may seem as though we are buried, maybe it is that we have been planted.

K Fitzsimmons

Cover Letter from P Schwartz

Letter from P Schwartz

Letter from G Miller

Letter from K Fitzsimmons

Please keep them in your prayers as we try to right an upside-down world. Thank all of you for participating in this project, and continue to plant seeds of truth, honesty, and fair justice so that we can harvest from better soil in this ever-divided country.

January 6th Patriots held as Political Prisoners

Did you know that 50 people who were at the Capital in Washington DC on January 6, 2021, are being held in a federal prison? Yes, they have been there for several months, some even held in solitary confinement.

T.E.A. has been following this story for several weeks now, mostly through reports from Tom Z. of We The People Convention. We have even written and sent postcards and letters to the prisoners. We encourage you to write cards and letters of encouragement to the prisoners. Addresses and detailed information about how to do is supplied here.

Here is another report that explains more about the situation these prisoners are in. It is a report from the Epoch Times.

A rally for the political prisoners was held in front of the U.S. Capital on Saturday, September 18, 2021. Watch video of event here. Rallies are also being held in at least 13 state capitals. See list here.

Playbooks for Election Influence Operations Discovered

Censorship of the Conservative Point of View

There are many examples of big tech, the media and Government censoring the conservative point of view. One prevalent “Conspiracy Theory” is that there is a coordinated effort to achieve the silencing of “alternative” points of view. Now we know it is no longer a theory.

The links below reveal the depths of the effort. These documents were discovered by Dr Shiva Ayyadurai during his preparation for his lawsuit in defense of his First Amendment rights.

Courtesy of our friends at Harvard and Stanford…

Link to his website:

The Election Influence Operations Playbook, Part 1:


The Election Influence Operations Playbook, Part 2:



The Long Fuse Report:


“Get Vaccinated” Lundy Insists

  1. Investments – approved without discussion
  2. Appropriations – approved without discussion
  3. Transfers – approved without discussion
  4. Advances & Repayments – none
  5. Requisitions – approved w/o discussion
  6. Travel- none
  7. Bills – approved w/o discussion
  8. Authorized personnel – will defer to executive session
  9. Approve meeting minutes from previous meeting 7/21/21
  10. Job & Family Services – move to table was approved
  11. Resolution – authorize and rescind various personnel using agency’s MasterCard not to exceed $2500 for permissible expenses in 2021 – approved
  12. Resolution – Common Pleas Adult Probation – Approve a probation funding grant agreement for $1,375,180 with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, Division of Parole, and Community Services Bureau of Community Sanctions for Targeted Community Alternatives to Prison (TCAP). Funding will establish and operate a full-supervision for community offenders under community control within its jurisdiction effective until June 30, 2023. Approved.
  13. (Engineer’s office) – Resolution: Approve and enter into a subdivider’s agreement with Amherst Hampshire Farms, LLC John Edmonson subdivider. Subdivider has submitted all proof of ownership and insurance. Approved.
  14. (Veteran’s) Authorize $1,000 to Andras Crematory and Funeral Home in Lorain for an indigent veteran
  15. Authorize another $1,000 to the above for an indigent veteran
  16. Authorize Veteran Service Director Jacob Smith to use the county Visa card not to exceed $5000 – Moore found out it is important because they operate about 10 vans to transport veterans. This covers board members travel expenses to conferences and to use to maintain the vehicles. Approved

Lobby portion – no one from the public requested to speak

Reports :

Mr. Tom Williams, County Administrator – Job and Family Services employees are doing a great job. An employee saved an elderly person’s life. I will talk to you about some other good things during the executive session. 

Dan Petticord, Assistant County Prosecutor – no report, but I’ll talk to you during executive session.

Michelle Hung – no report

David Moore – no report

Matt Lundy – JFS (Job & Family Services) provide services to over 47,000 members of our county and the employees are great. Saturday was a tremendous day and also to remember Sam Felton who we lost too soon during Covid, a Navy Star recipient and a double Purple Heart recipient with Central Park was named after him. He was an advocate for veteran’s issues. Deputy Steak Fry was a tremendous barbecue. Urban League asked him to tape something encouraging people to get vaccinated. We all see the reports coming out that we should be concerned about the very aggressive variant out there. If you have been hesitating to get the vaccine, please get the vaccination! The overwhelming of those hospitalized are unvaccinated. It is a very aggressive variant so please get vaccinated. (I am not retyping, he literally said this twice!)

Clerk’s report – no report, just retirement proclamation for 2 JFS employees

Board correspondence reading waived due to an executive session.

Meeting adjourned into executive session.

(This is a report of the July 28, 2021, meeting of the Lorain County Commissioners.)

Drug overdoses up 53% to 138

  • Resolutions:  #5 Requisitions   re.1060   Mr. Lundy stated he wants the legal services in house by the county prosecutor’s office.  He voted no.
  •    #5  re. 1046   Mr. Moore stated why apply for an elevator license for Golden Acres building which is currently unoccupied.

#10  Mr. Lundy stated FY 2022 Lorain County Tax Budget is not binding. He wanted to make sure that the sheriff’s office is not being reduced.

#15  Mr. Lundy stated any improvements to the Job and Family Services are a good thing.

#18  Mr. Lundy said the Ohio Department of Public Safety for Adult Probation Case Management Sysyem grant is good because no cash match is required.

#21  Sheriff  Mr. Lundy was again pleased by no local match needed for FY21 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Grant.

#22  Mrs. Hung thanked her colleagues for acting on the sub-grant award agreement with Ohio Department of Public Safety Ohio Drug Law Enforcement Fund Grant that came to her office this past Monday.

  1. Public Comment:  Amanda Quimper, Guenevire Ackerman, and Laura Hubbard read from prepared papers of the Ohio State Jural Assembly that follows the Declaration of Independence (unalienable) and the national and state Constitutions.
  1. County Administrator Tom Williams said the national drug overdoses are up 29% at 93,000 deaths: Lorain County drug overdoses rose 53% to 138 deaths.

E.  Commissioner’s Reports:  Mr. Lundy expressed sympathy to Dan Reaser, whose father Cecil passed.

He also talked about an upcoming needs assessment survey from the Office of Aging. He thanked the Firment Family and welcomed the new owners.

He attended the Wellness Court Graduation in Judge Jim Miraldi’s courtroom.

F. Clerk’s Report:  She reminded them of the July 21 Investment Advisory Committee meeting at 11 a.m. in room b.

H.  Board  Correspondence was waived as the commissioners entered into executive session.

(This is a report of the July 14, 2021, public meeting of the Lorain County Commissioners.)