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TEA Email Subject LineDayDate
TEA: Sign petition, Digital IDs, County Candidate Forum (Click here)SaturdayAugust 20, 2022
TEA Meeting, Training, Picnic, Gun Owners (Click here)SaturdayAugust 6, 2022
Good Morning America: Roe, Shots, CRT, TEA (Click here)SaturdayJune 25, 2022
1 Week: Donuts, Coffee, LIFE, Action (Click here)SaturdayJune 4, 2022
Two weeks: A flourishing civilization protects and nurtures
unborn children (Click here)
SaturdayMay 28, 2022
Saturday: Great speakers lined up! (Click here)ThursdayMay 12, 2022
Tomorrow: Be a TEA Voter Guide (Click here)FridayApril 8, 2022
17 Hours Away: Meet Candidates & TEA Straw Poll
(Click here)
FridayMarch 11, 2022
Saturday: TEA Candidate Forum (Click here)ThursdayFebruary 10, 2022
Saturday: Governor & Senate Candidates (Click here)WednesdayJanuary 5, 2022