Mary Taylor for Governor

Mary TaylorOf the two Republican nominees for Ohio Governor, Mary Taylor is clearly more favorable to grassroots conservative issues and principles. In her responses, Taylor more frequently describes local governments being responsible for local issues such as education, and minimizing the day-to-day footprint of larger governments. Mike DeWine’s responses must be couched with skepticism as his record (and a decades-long record it is) shows a willingness expand government’s role for the simple sake of closing a deal. Totally Engaged Americans of Lorain County argues against this instinct, which is why Mary Taylor is the strongest choice to be Ohio’s next governor.

During the next governor’s term, Ohio must decide how to manage Medicaid Expansion and Common Core. It’s unfortunate that these programs began under a Republican governor and legislature, and they will either become permanent or shrink depending on who wins in November. Mary Taylor has consistently campaigned on their elimination. Now Mike DeWine has promised to end these programs as well, but we have to ask who is more trustworthy. When Mike DeWine voted against the party while in the Senate, he moved to the left. When Mary Taylor voted against her party while in the Ohio House, she stayed to the right.

Mary Taylor is running an uphill battle against a well-known opponent with establishment backing. The Ohio Republican Party, despite promising not to, made party endorsements which included that of Mike DeWine. This old school backroom deal-making will continue until it finally fails, thus voting for Mary Taylor has the added benefit of opposing this brand of party politics. Totally Engaged Americans of Lorain County wants to put forward the more bold and conservative candidate to campaign through the tough 2018 race for Ohio’s governor, and Mary Taylor has earned our support.

** ENDORSEMENTS from Totally Engaged Americans **

Thanks to ALL of our participating members for adding their voice to our group. Totally Engaged Americans of Lorain County strives to educate citizens in federal, state, and local matters so they can be a better informed voter. To that end, we held two candidate forums where we listened to those running for office as well as advocates for the issues that will be on our May 8 ballot. We set a threshold of 70% support where Totally Engaged Americans of Lorain County would make an endorsement of a candidate or issue. After gathering feedback from members, we have these endorsements:

  • Mary Taylor – Governor
  • Mike Gibbons – US Senator
  • Kirsten Penton Hill – State Central Committee (Female)
  • Yes – Issue 1 (redistricting)
  • Yes – Issue 4 (Board of Mental Health)
  • Yes – Issue 5 (Board of Developmental Disabilities)

We thank the candidates for Ohio Treasurer, State Senate 13, and the candidates for the congressional seats for their input, however the vote was either too close or we did not have enough feedback to make a strong selection.

While we will follow up with more detailed statements on some of these races on Facebook (TotallyEngagedAmericans) and our website (, we will describe our thoughts on these endorsed candidates in brief.

Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor is simply more persuasive and credible in her conservatism than Mike DeWine. While Taylor has the albatross of serving under current Governor John Kasich, Mike DeWine as a Senator has demonstrated his acceptance of broadening the government footprint over the lives of individual citizens. Our next governor will decide the future of Medicaid Expansion and Common Core, and Mary Taylor is the best choice to manage their elimination.

Mike Gibbons is the outsider who is needed in the US Senate. Jim Renacci may have had more support had he stayed in the governor’s race, but we cannot ignore his lackluster conservative voting record while a member of the US House. Of the outsiders who are seeking the Senate nomination, Mike Gibbons has described underlying conservative principles that are most consistent with the views of our members.

Kirsten Penton Hill…. well, this wasn’t a fair fight. Kirsten has been leading Totally Engaged Americans since its inception, so she would naturally get our membership’s support. Best wishes to the other candidates.

While we challenged the details of Issue 1’s redistricting proposal, our membership feels the passage of Issue 1 will be better than the system as currently structured. Bipartisan agreement is important, but so are strict rules that govern the splitting of counties and cities. We will find out after the 2020 census and the newly-drawn map whether our support was deserved.

Finally in a nod to federalism, our members are supportive of both local tax renewals, Issues 4 & 5. The Board of Mental Health and Board of Developmental Disabilities are social programs, and thus are best managed at the local level. To be clear, we believe that social programs are NOT well-managed when they come from the federal level as there is a necessary, unsupervised, and sometimes duplicative bureaucracy that tends to spill money at every subsequent level. Social programs, like the two on the ballot, deserve our support as local programs.

So thank you all again for your interest. Please continue to engage in discussion and research so you can make your best decision possible in the May 8 primary. Better yet, as informed and articulate voters, you have the capacity to influence others and to raise their level of political awareness.

Make sure to vote on (or before) May 8 and invite others to do so as well!