TEA Voter Guide 2021

TEA Voter Guide for 2021 General Election

It is certainly still an issue but please don’t let the fraud perpetrated in the last presidential election stop you from voting on Nov. 2, 2021. You must still exercise your right to vote tomorrow; otherwise, the Left wins for sure.

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We are glad to provide voting information for conservatives in Lorain County. Below the school board candidate information is Lorain County Tax Issue information.


There are positions up for election on 15 school boards in Lorain County. This includes 14 traditional school districts plus the Educational Service Center of Lorain County.

TEA is proud to make recommendations for three of the school boards, Amherst Exempted Village, Avon Local and Avon Lake City. Please note that your ballot will indicate that you can select either two or three candidates from the list.

To maximize the impact for our supported candidates, we recommend that you only vote for the one candidate if you live the Amherst, Avon or Avon Lake. Here is more information about each candidate.


Issue 1:             Crime Lab           VOTE NO

Commissioner Dave Moore was originally in favor of this levy. However, the original plans were to combine multiple county agencies onto the currently-vacant fifth floor of the Justice Center and save the County General Fund $2,000,000.  Currently, those plans have been generally disbanded with no alternate plans in place.                    Therefore, he is no longer in favor of the levy and thus, along with Commissioner Moore, TEA recommends a NO vote on Issue 1.

Here is the link to the text as it will appear on your election ballot.

Issue 4: Excise Tax on Hotel Guests VOTE NO

This is a proposed NEW tax of 3 % on hotel stays to pay for a convention center in Lorain County. This proposal on the ballot is for a “continuing period of time”. What this essentially means is that this tax would be forever and the voters would not get a chance to vote on it again, in say, 5 years.

Here is the link to the text as it will appear on your election ballot.

Please forward this information to your family, friends and neighbors.