Playbooks for Election Influence Operations Discovered

Censorship of the Conservative Point of View

There are many examples of big tech, the media and Government censoring the conservative point of view. One prevalent “Conspiracy Theory” is that there is a coordinated effort to achieve the silencing of “alternative” points of view. Now we know it is no longer a theory.

The links below reveal the depths of the effort. These documents were discovered by Dr Shiva Ayyadurai during his preparation for his lawsuit in defense of his First Amendment rights.

Courtesy of our friends at Harvard and Stanford…

Link to his website:

The Election Influence Operations Playbook, Part 1:

The Election Influence Operations Playbook, Part 2:


The Long Fuse Report:

“Get Vaccinated” Lundy Insists

  1. Investments – approved without discussion
  2. Appropriations – approved without discussion
  3. Transfers – approved without discussion
  4. Advances & Repayments – none
  5. Requisitions – approved w/o discussion
  6. Travel- none
  7. Bills – approved w/o discussion
  8. Authorized personnel – will defer to executive session
  9. Approve meeting minutes from previous meeting 7/21/21
  10. Job & Family Services – move to table was approved
  11. Resolution – authorize and rescind various personnel using agency’s MasterCard not to exceed $2500 for permissible expenses in 2021 – approved
  12. Resolution – Common Pleas Adult Probation – Approve a probation funding grant agreement for $1,375,180 with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, Division of Parole, and Community Services Bureau of Community Sanctions for Targeted Community Alternatives to Prison (TCAP). Funding will establish and operate a full-supervision for community offenders under community control within its jurisdiction effective until June 30, 2023. Approved.
  13. (Engineer’s office) – Resolution: Approve and enter into a subdivider’s agreement with Amherst Hampshire Farms, LLC John Edmonson subdivider. Subdivider has submitted all proof of ownership and insurance. Approved.
  14. (Veteran’s) Authorize $1,000 to Andras Crematory and Funeral Home in Lorain for an indigent veteran
  15. Authorize another $1,000 to the above for an indigent veteran
  16. Authorize Veteran Service Director Jacob Smith to use the county Visa card not to exceed $5000 – Moore found out it is important because they operate about 10 vans to transport veterans. This covers board members travel expenses to conferences and to use to maintain the vehicles. Approved

Lobby portion – no one from the public requested to speak

Reports :

Mr. Tom Williams, County Administrator – Job and Family Services employees are doing a great job. An employee saved an elderly person’s life. I will talk to you about some other good things during the executive session. 

Dan Petticord, Assistant County Prosecutor – no report, but I’ll talk to you during executive session.

Michelle Hung – no report

David Moore – no report

Matt Lundy – JFS (Job & Family Services) provide services to over 47,000 members of our county and the employees are great. Saturday was a tremendous day and also to remember Sam Felton who we lost too soon during Covid, a Navy Star recipient and a double Purple Heart recipient with Central Park was named after him. He was an advocate for veteran’s issues. Deputy Steak Fry was a tremendous barbecue. Urban League asked him to tape something encouraging people to get vaccinated. We all see the reports coming out that we should be concerned about the very aggressive variant out there. If you have been hesitating to get the vaccine, please get the vaccination! The overwhelming of those hospitalized are unvaccinated. It is a very aggressive variant so please get vaccinated. (I am not retyping, he literally said this twice!)

Clerk’s report – no report, just retirement proclamation for 2 JFS employees

Board correspondence reading waived due to an executive session.

Meeting adjourned into executive session.

(This is a report of the July 28, 2021, meeting of the Lorain County Commissioners.)

Drug overdoses up 53% to 138

  • Resolutions:  #5 Requisitions   re.1060   Mr. Lundy stated he wants the legal services in house by the county prosecutor’s office.  He voted no.
  •    #5  re. 1046   Mr. Moore stated why apply for an elevator license for Golden Acres building which is currently unoccupied.

#10  Mr. Lundy stated FY 2022 Lorain County Tax Budget is not binding. He wanted to make sure that the sheriff’s office is not being reduced.

#15  Mr. Lundy stated any improvements to the Job and Family Services are a good thing.

#18  Mr. Lundy said the Ohio Department of Public Safety for Adult Probation Case Management Sysyem grant is good because no cash match is required.

#21  Sheriff  Mr. Lundy was again pleased by no local match needed for FY21 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Grant.

#22  Mrs. Hung thanked her colleagues for acting on the sub-grant award agreement with Ohio Department of Public Safety Ohio Drug Law Enforcement Fund Grant that came to her office this past Monday.

  1. Public Comment:  Amanda Quimper, Guenevire Ackerman, and Laura Hubbard read from prepared papers of the Ohio State Jural Assembly that follows the Declaration of Independence (unalienable) and the national and state Constitutions.
  1. County Administrator Tom Williams said the national drug overdoses are up 29% at 93,000 deaths: Lorain County drug overdoses rose 53% to 138 deaths.

E.  Commissioner’s Reports:  Mr. Lundy expressed sympathy to Dan Reaser, whose father Cecil passed.

He also talked about an upcoming needs assessment survey from the Office of Aging. He thanked the Firment Family and welcomed the new owners.

He attended the Wellness Court Graduation in Judge Jim Miraldi’s courtroom.

F. Clerk’s Report:  She reminded them of the July 21 Investment Advisory Committee meeting at 11 a.m. in room b.

H.  Board  Correspondence was waived as the commissioners entered into executive session.

(This is a report of the July 14, 2021, public meeting of the Lorain County Commissioners.)

Architecture of County Buildings to be Evaluated

Commissioner meetings consist of a public portion and an Executive session which is not open to the public. The public portion of this meeting was less than 15 minutes while the Executive Session was approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. 

All public business meetings begin with motions to approve seven resolutions where activity has taken place in the past week. Those seven resolutions are investments, appropriations, transfers, advance/repayments, requisitions, travel, and bills.  On 7/21/21 there were no advances/repayments or travel. The other five were all approved without any commissioner comment. Details regarding these Resolutions are available in the official meeting minutes at  However, the process of preparing the weekly minutes involves various steps of approval delaying the publication of these minutes. The most current minutes available at this time are for the 6/23/21 meeting.  

The commissioners approved entering into two contracts with Fabo Architecture, Inc. of Parma, OH to perform architectural and engineering professional services for

  1. County buildings $15,900.
  2. Emergency services buildings $60,675  

Payment of $3,694.88 was approved to CSX for inspection services associated with construction of a new water line on North Ridge Road.

Commissioner also approved entering into a contract for maintenance with City of Elyria for a portion of Indian Hollow Road, Carlisle Township.

During public comment a representative of First Energy External Affairs introduced himself to the commissioners to let them know he is available as their main contact with First Energy during storm problems.

There were no reports from Tom Williams, County Administrator; Dan Petticord, Assistant County Prosecutor; commissioners Dave Moore and Michelle Hung, or clerk Theresa Upton.

Commissioner Lundy reported he had attended the Business Expo in Avon Lake, the Lorain County Farm Bureau Dinner and Policy Development Meeting at Lorain Community College, the Investment & Advisory Committee, and will be attending the dedication of the Sam Felton Park.

He reported that the county’s investments total $162 M. Interest for the past year was $1.2 M, but due to interest rates dropping that figure is expected to go down in the future. There was a time when the county regularly earned as much as $6M to $7M annually in interest.  

(This is a report of the July 21, 2021, meeting of the Lorain County Commissioners.)