Will commissioners hold meetings in evening?

Elyria, Ohio – This is the first in what hopefully will be a continuing series of reports on the weekly Lorain County Commissioners’ meetings which are held every Wednesday morning at 9:30 in the County Administration Building 226 E. 2nd St. in Elyria Fourth Floor Conference Room. Due to the covid plandemic (not misspelled) the meetings for several months have been all virtual with no indications when they will be reopened to in person meetings. 

Until the time meetings went virtual there was a public comment time opened to any person present to bring any issue before the commissioners. With virtual meetings no accommodation has been provided to replace that public input.

If you are interested in following the meetings, you may request that your email address be added to county clerk, Theresa Upton’s, distribution list. Theresa will then send you the meeting agenda every Tuesday. Theresa’s email is Tupton@loraincounty.us


Today’s meeting began with a proclamation that the month of May is Foster Care Month in Lorain County. 90 families in Lorain County are providing Foster Care for children who cannot stay with their natural parents. Foster Care is intended as a temporary position for the child, but in some cases a foster child may be placed permanently in their foster home.  25 adoptions have recently been completed. Also, during the pandemic 20 new parents have been licensed to bring foster children into their home.  

The commissioners authorized the purchase of 8 police vehicles at a cost of $396,515.70. Historically this type purchase occurs annually. A police department representative reported that these vehicles are usually in service for 6 to 8 years. In addition to this purchase price there is additional expense to outfit each vehicle with radio, MBT, radar and external marking identifying the vehicle as a sheriff car.  

County Administrator, Tom Williams, reported that the county needs to hire 100 new employees.

Commissioner Lundy reported that he attended the dedication of a new fire department building in Vermilion. He also reported that he has had discussions with multiple business owners. They told him that even with DeWine’s announcement that starting June 2 businesses can reopen with 100% occupancy and no masks, they anticipate they won’t be able to turn a profit till 2023.

Commissioner Hung reported that many groups and individuals participated in Lorain County Pride Day, May 15th.  A number of public locations were spruced up with mulch, cleaned up by picking up trash, and various other improvements.

Dave Moore reported that the county has already received $30 M in federal CARES funding and expect to receive another $30 M. He pointed out that the federal government has attached strings to the use of that money one of which being that no tax reduction can be given due to the receipt of CARES money.

Mr. Moore has talked to a number of community leaders asking them to provide the commissioners with items they need to improve their communities.

Mr. Moore asked to open the meeting for discussion regarding holding at least one evening meeting at 6 p.m. to make it possible for more interested citizens to observe/participate in the business carried out by the Commissioners. No decision was reached.

The commissioners then recessed into executive session.

(Note: This is a report of a portion of the Lorain County Commissioners meeting held on May 19, 2021.)