A Clear Choice for America

Theme of TEA booth at the 2019 Lorain County Fair was “A Clear Choice for America”.

What does this mean? Where did this come from? Clear choice between what choices?

TEA rented a booth last week at the Lorain County Fairgrounds in Wellington, Ohio. Considering all the talk of socialist policies by the candidates at the Democratic Party debates and in the mainstream media, it seemed appropriate to define what socialism is. Then, by extension, we thought socialism would be better understood by contrasting it with values on the other end of the spectrum, conservatism. Thus was born the idea in our fair booth planning committee to display a sample list of socialist values and sample list of conservative values.

Here are the signs that were displayed.

Cards were handed out to folks who visited the TEA fair booth. They had these lists plus more. Below is the message that appeared on the front of the card.

Dear Fellow Voters,
Citizens of Lorain County have a variety of perspectives.  We hope you will take time to look down these lists.  Think about what you value.  Discuss it with your family and friends.  Before you vote, weigh each candidate to decide who most closely matches your values.  Your friends, T.E.A.

Below is the card front and back.

TEA sent many-a fairgoer on their way with card in hand and questions to ponder. “What do I value?”, “What are the candidates saying they value? Which candidates (city, county, district, state, national) values most closely match mine?” Consider this with each race on the ballot each time elections are held, in the Spring and in the Fall.

For your information, the General Election coming up this Fall is on Tuesday, November 5, 2019. Visit here to see the candidate and issue lists that will appear on your ballot. You can view your personal ballot.