Mike Gibbons for US Senate

Mike GibbonsMike Gibbons has convinced members of Totally Engaged Americans of Lorain County that his independent brand of conservatism is the refreshing change so sorely needed in the US Senate. The Senate has been a great disappointment to conservatives this term as we’ve seen debate stifled for a variety of reasons. We all have senators who we like and those we don’t like, and we need to ask in which camp the Republican nominee will land. Mitch McConnell recruited Jim Renacci for the chance to face Sherrod Brown in November. Mike Gibbons has been endorsed by a PAC aligned with Rand Paul.

While campaigning for the last year as an outsider, Gibbons has earned the endorsements of the republican central committees of different counties across the state. Mike Gibbons, as is pointed out by critics, is not a politician therefore has no official record to prove his conservatism. That’s true and we will need to rely on his statements and perspectives on issues to make that judgements. Renacci, however, does have a record as a member of the US House, most notably are scorecards like Heritage Action. For his first three terms, Renacci scored 52%, 55%, and 64%, and in this current term since he began running for a different office, he is at 80%. This unfortunately appears to be typical of politicians who appeal to voters only during election season.

Republicans are frustrated and tired of candidates who campaign in one direction but then hand victories for non-conservative causes. With Mike Gibbons, his independence would provide a fresh and unique voice in a Senate that struggles with its ability to pass conservative legislation. In the end, we feel that Mike Gibbons would more effectively represent our values in the Senate and has earned our endorsement.

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