A Fix for Gerrymandering?

Mary Kirtz of the League of Women Voters spoke at April 14 TEA meeting about Ohio Ballot Issue #1.  This is a statewide ballot issue addressing how congressional districts are drawn.  

Mary Kirtz, League of Women Voters speaks about Ohio Ballot Issue #1 – Drawing Congressional Districts

Election Ballot Language:    (Source:  Lorain County Board of Elections)  This is what will appear on your Primary Election 2018 Ballot in Ohio.

Issue 1
Creates a bipartisan, public process for drawing congressional districts Proposed Constitutional Amendment
Proposed by Joint Resolution of the General Assembly

To amend the version of Section 1 of Article XI that is scheduled to take effect January 1, 2021, and to enact Sections 1, 2, and 3 of Article XIX of the Constitution of the State of Ohio to establish a process for congressional redistricting.

A majority yes vote is necessary for the amendment to pass.

The proposed amendment would:

  End the partisan process for drawing congressional districts, and replace it with a process with the goals of promoting bipartisanship, keeping local communities together, and having district boundaries that are more compact.

  Ensure a transparent process by requiring public hearings and allowing public submission of proposed plans.

  Require the General Assembly or the Ohio Redistricting Commission to adopt new congressional districts by a bipartisan vote for the plan to be effective for the full 10-year period.

  Require that if a plan is adopted by the General Assembly without significant bipartisan support, it cannot be effective for the entire 10-year period and must comply with explicit anti- gerrymandering requirements.

If passed, the amendment will become effective immediately.

Shall the amendment be approved?